About TASC Squads

TASC squads are for competitive swimmers only. The demand for squad places is extremely high therefore TASC will only accept swimmers who are prepared to meet stringent criteria and are prepared to compete as a member of TASC both home and away. There is no squad place available for swimmers who want to utilise training time purely to improve fitness, this can be done during public lane swimming time. Places in squads will be reviewed annually (January) and will be allocated according to times achieved at competition, commitment to training and commitment to compete. Swimmers failing to achieve minimum criteria will not be invited to rejoin TASC and may swim out the remainder of the membership year ending in February.

The usual Highland Council entry fee is payable to the pool staff at the kiosk. An annual membership of £43.00 for a swimmer and £10 for a helper is payable to TASC. This also covers your SASA membership which includes insurance. At present, as a member of TASC Squads a squad fee is payable to the club by monthly direct debit. The Standing Order form can be found in Downloads.

Medical Conditions
As swimming is a very physical sport we are required to keep a medical register for all swimmers. It is important that the Squad Coach and Membership Secretary are advised of any pre-existing or new medical conditions that may affect your child both in the water and whilst travelling away from home. This information is held on our database and is only available to officials within TASC on a need to know basis. ALL swimmers who take medication and/ or dietary supplements MUST ensure that they complete a British Swimming Medical Declaration annually.

How You Can Help
TASC is a competitive club and it is run voluntarily by the parents for the benefit of the children. We run an annual Club Gala in November when every child in the club has a swim, a mini meet and TASC Annual Thurso Meet where clubs throughout the North District are invited to compete and also a number of timing sessions throughout the year. These meets alone require an enormous amount of work by the volunteers including judges, timekeepers, coaches, pool helpers, administrators and people to help set the pool up. Once your child is in squads we try to take the children away to competition as often as possible, to do this we must provide our own officials and chaperones. The basic day-to-day running of the club also requires coaches, lane teachers, poolside helpers, committee members and administrators.

We actively encourage parents to become as involved as they feel possible. Please contact any Club Official if you feel that you can be of any assistance to our Club. We try to give as much training as possible where required.

Even though everyone who helps with TASC is giving their time voluntarily, we still require finance to cover the running costs of the Club. It is important that we actively fundraise throughout the year.

Data Protection
Both TASC & SASA utilise computerised membership databases. Information held on these databases will not be shared with any third party for marketing or commercial purposes without firstly obtaining the explicit consent from individual members. Senior members or parent/guardians of members under the age of 18 must advise the membership secretary if they have any objection to this arrangement. Full details are available on the club’s general information notice board in the foyer next to the pool-hall door.