Swimmers Code of Conduct

Swimmers Code of Conduct
TASC requires the following commitment from swimmers on selection and application:

Statement of Commitment
To accept responsibility to maintain a high level of fitness.
To follow coaches instructions and swim to the best of their ability during training sessions.
To strive to achieve the increasing target times set for each squad and age group.
To notify the Coach / Team Manager of relevant health and fitness conditions that may affect training/ competition performance.
To maintain Log book to the standard required by the squad coach.
To make self available to participate in all TASC team relays and events as selected by the Coach / Team Manager both home and away.
To ensure that the correct equipment is taken to training – goggles x2, etc.

Personal Appearance
This will be appropriate to the circumstances and as indicated by the Coach / Team Manager.
Team kit and equipment as issued shall be worn as directed by the Coach / Team Manager.
To always shower before entering the pool.

Be at the pool on time for training – Punctuality on all occasions is essential.
Commit to achieve the training attendance requirements of the squad.
Advise the coach (in advance wherever possible) reasons for non-attendance at any missed training sessions.

Behaviour and Personal Conduct
Behaviour and personal conduct must be of a high standard at all times.
Language in public or relevant group situations must always be appropriate and socially acceptable.
To leave the changing rooms within times specified by the Pool Staff. Must ensure that the changing rooms are tidy.
Information on all medication and supplements being taken should be reported to the Coach / Team Manager

Continued unacceptable behaviour may lead to: Your child being removed from the water for the rest of the session, Your child being moved to another session or The matter being referred to the Management Committee with a view to removal of membership.

Swimmers will have to sign up to the code of conduct on application to become a member of Squads – This will be kept on file throughout your child’s time in squads. It is extremely important that the Code of Conduct is discussed with and understood fully by your child before signing. The appointed Coach / Team Manager shall deal with breaches of the Code of Conduct in the first instance. He / She shall report any incident to TASC Management Committee who may take such further action as is deemed necessary.

Child Safety
Normal Safety rules of Thurso Swimming Pool apply and their lifeguards will be on duty throughout our sessions.
TASC operates a Child Protection Policy which incorporates strict protocols on dealing with bullying. It is extremely important that any incidents of bullying and intimidation are reported to an official of the Club no matter how minor. Any action taken will be after full consultation and agreement with the parent / guardian of the child involved.
Even if no action is requested by the parent / guardian of the child it is essential that the General Management Committee have an official not of the occurrence and are aware of any problem that may be developing. All contact will be made in accordance with the SASA constitution and bye-laws. The Coach will be on poolside and will take responsibility for your child’s safety and well-being throughout the sessions. The Coach, for safety and legal reasons, cannot leave the pool until every child in his/ her care has been collected – Parent / guardians should therefore ensure that arrangements are made for collection within 5 minutes of the end of each session.

Due to the number of children in the water during each session and the fact that a structured lesson plan has to be completed in that time a high standard of behaviour is required from each swimmer. Swimmers will be expected to be attentive and to follow the instructions given by the coach. If the swimmer does not meet the standards the coach will speak with the child. If unacceptable behaviour continues then you will be notified by the Coach with a view to solving the problems. Continued unacceptable behaviour may lead to: Your child being removed from the water for the rest of the session, your child being placed on a probation period or the matter being referred to the Management Committee with a view to removal of membership.

Pool Hygiene
To ensure a high standard of pool hygiene is maintained (prevention of infection) the following guidelines must be followed by swimmers, coaches and helper. All swimmers must use the toilet and have a shower before swimming. Any swimmer who is suffering from diarrhoea (for a number of days) within the last 14 days should refrain from swimming. All coaching staff and helpers must wear dedicated poolside shoes or overshoes (available at the poolside). If you have any concerns please discuss them in confidence with the Coach.

The Squad Coaches operate attendance registers and each swimmer is required to achieve at least the minimum attendance percentage stipulated for their squad (see centre pages). Parents of younger swimmers should assist their child to achieve this minimum attendance level. It is vital that you advise the Coach in advance of any sessions that you will not be attending – attendance waivers may be given for sickness, family holidays away from home or circumstances out with the swimmers control – these waivers will be given at the Coach’s discretion. Attendance is reviewed on a 3 monthly basis and a swimmers place may be withdrawn within a membership year if unexplained non-attendance is persistent.

It is our aim to enter your child for appropriate home and away competitions. TASC attempts to subsidise 50% of travel and accommodation costs of as many away meets as possible. The squad coach will select the swimmers going to each meet and will ask you to complete an entry form. This must be completed and returned with the entry fee by the stated date – late entries will not be submitted. The entries are then passed to the host club who compile a list of entrants based on their times. It is therefore extremely important to explain to your child that even though they may have been entered for a competition they may not be accepted. All squad swimmers will be expected to enter competitions as often as possible. Any refund of entry fees for oversubscribed events will be credited to your TASC account.

Data Protection
Both TASC and SASA utilise computerised membership databases. Information held on these databases will not be shared with any third party for marketing or commercial purposes without firstly obtaining the explicit consent from individual members. Members must advise the membership secretary if they have any objection to this arrangement. Full details are available on the club notice board.