Monday Evening Training Times


Session 1 : 5.05pm – 5.35pm

Session 2 : 5.35pm – 6.05pm

Convenors: Kirsty Mackay, Shirley Bain


Are you aged 5 or over? Can you swim 1 width on your front and 1 width on your back? They don’t need to be perfect and its ok if you need to stop, so long as you can get from one side to the other.

If so then why not come along and get tested. You will either be allocated an appropriate lane and can become a member, or otherwise we can give you points to practice.


TESTING NIGHT : 1st Monday of every Month… 5.05pm – 6:05pm

If you want to improve your swimming, whether it’s just for fun or with the aim of competing in the future, then our
stroke development programme could be for you. The Stroke Development programme progressively introduces new
strokes and techniques throughout its 7 lanes. Each lane also incorporates movement through water and structured
water play to make learning fun!


Lane Details
1 Improve your Front Crawl and Back Crawl arm action and kick
2 Further development of Front Crawl and Back Crawl
3 Introduction to Front Crawl breathing and continued development of Front Crawl and Back Crawl technique
4 Introduction of Breast Stroke kick
5 Development of Breast Stroke arms and timing and Butterfly kick
6 Introduction of Butterfly arms and timing
7 Continued development of Front Crawl, Back Crawl, Breaststroke and Butterfly technique and the introduction of competitive skills such as diving, starts and turns


When you reach lane 5 you can have the option to be timed. If you gain a D squad time you will have the option to progress to the first of our competitive squads: D squad.